Nashville, Tennessee, US

Rüdrani Devi is an authentic Shaman, descending from generations of gifted women within her family lineage. Considered a medical intuitive in the healing community, she studied and became a certified vibrational healer through the National Institute of Health in Boulder Colorado in 2004.

Rüdrani is also an athlete and has run 10 marathons, countless 1/2 marathons, publishing her 2nd book called "For the Love of Running, a Marathoner's journey from Victim to Victory" about her experience training and running the 2011 Boston Marathon. Perhaps this wouldn't normally be that big of an accomplishment, unless you consider her severe injuries during the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks wherein she was shot at point blank range, an AK-47 bullet shattering her right femoral bone, nearly bleeding out and told that she may never walk again, much less run.

In her newest book, Choosing Happiness, Rüdrani Devi explores the many reasons why we might not choose happiness and offers ten key tools, along with many others from the Access Consciousness® movement, that helped her navigate choosing a journey to happiness, sometimes against all odds.



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