Are Ghosts The New Black?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Every time I have a conversation with Shannon O'Hara my world grows bigger, more wondrous -- and less defined.

Shannon is the author of the book Talk to the Entities, which is based on her own experience of finding ease with a capacity of being aware of, and communicating with...ghosts.

Would you be willing to suspend your disbelief for half an hour and join us on an exploration of a world that most of us, in the western hemisphere, have been taught does not exist?

Do you dare to? Boo-hoo!I

Key takeaways

  • Shannon co-created her book with entities.

  • People who are entity sensitive are not part of the mainstream and not empowered.

  • Shannon is currently working on a children’s book about entities.

  • Dealing with ghosts isn’t scary, it isn’t complicated, it isn’t hard.

  • It’s your consciousness that affects the universe, not the universe affecting your consciousness.


Talk To The Entities website

Talk To The Entities book


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