Can You Die Happy?

A Conversation With Wendy Mulder

Anyone who has had a beloved family member or friend die—especially after a long illness—has probably gone through the grieving process and may have a point of view about death.

How do you write about such a sensitive subject and invite others to see grief and dying in a whole new light?

Listen in as Wendy Mulder and Katarina Wallentin delve into what else grief and death can look like—if you choose it.

What if you didn’t have to compromise your life or living in any way when others become ill?

What if you could be present with the beauty and vulnerability of your loved one as they pass?

Would you be willing to be in allowance of you?

Join us for this amazing conversation on an often times misunderstood topic. What if tissues aren’t required, but just something you can choose?


Dying Happy: The Gift of Choice by Wendy Mulder

Learning From Grief by Wendy Mulder

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