Creating Your Voice in Writing

Updated: May 24, 2019

In today's episode of Big Better Best Books podcast, we are talking about the capacity we all have to be voice in the world. Yes, your body has a voice, a physical voice. And you also have a voice in the world, as a speaker, writer and... being!

My expert for today is the multi-talented, artist-creator Chris Hughes. He has worn a lot of different hats, and is now the managing director of an antique and art business in Australia while also traveling the world facilitating seminars and classes about the right voice for you, and all the different aspects of what that can be.

Join us to learn about how to explore your voice in writing, speaking - and beyond. Our voices actually extends so far much further than most of us think it does.

What do you have to say?

What do you desire people to hear?

What would you like your voice to create?

Key takeaways

  • What’s my voice today?

  • The success trap and stardom vs fame

  • Getting clear on what you want to create and how to invite that into being

  • Have fun and stop trying to get it right

  • What if everything in your life was an expression of you and your voice?



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