Meet the Writer Behind the Author

What is a ghostwriter? The ghost behind the pen. The surrogate parent. With the rise of self-publishing and the interest of personal journeys and stories, many people have the desire to share their story, even if they aren’t themselves writers, and ghostwriters give them the opportunity to do this.

Today, I am joined by the mysterious Teresa Stenson to talk about the secrets of ghostwriting. She is a published author under her own name, but also works with many other clients to help them tell their stories.

Join us to learn about what a ghostwriter does, what it’s like to be a ghostwriter, how they find the right voice, and the skill of grasping the essence of how a person expresses him or herself.

Key takeaways

  • Ghostwriters: how do they work?

  • Tricks for getting unstuck

  • The ghostwriting market

  • Writing autobiographies for other people

  • Advice for those interested in the profession

On ghostwriting

  • How A Ghostwriter Can Help You Write Your Life Story

  • If you'd like to explore writing your own memoir.

  • For more on how to become a life story ghostwriter

  • A useful book: Skills For Personal Historians by Dan Curtis.

Teresa's own short fiction

  • Things Which Are Not True , The Guardian

  • What kind of, Pidgeonholes

  • And an accompanying interview about the writing of that piece.

  • Jacob Sits With Tina, Jellyfish Review.


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