One Of The Very Best Books I've Ever Read

If I asked you to name "the best book you've ever read," would be you be able to answer? My guests on this week's podcast were not, so we actually had to change the topic to "one of the best books I've ever read." And that was pretty tricky as well! :-)

What makes a book "the best"? What does it have to fulfill, for you, to qualify? Books seem to serve different functions, for different people, at different times and different areas of our lives. 

Today two avid readers, Rebecca Hulse and Marilyn Bradford, join me to discuss the books that have made the greatest impression on them, and how these books have impacted their lives. 

Listen to open up new possibilities with books, discover new books, and learn how individual books find you, change you, and show you that other realities are possible beyond this reality.

Key takeaways:

  • Choosing the best book is impossible

  • Opening up whole new worlds of possibilities with books

  • Different books give us different things at different times of our lives

  • What is one of your best book experiences?

  • Characters who choose something greater

  • It’s not always about how well-written a book is, it’s about a sense of something greater

  • When the experience is over, what next?



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