The Adventure of Writing...You

Today is a special storytelling episode!

We're introducing a brand new book called The Very Greatest Adventure... Is You Truly Being You that was released just a few weeks ago.

This book is a unique and beautiful compilation of stories, written by people from all over the world, that I actually had the honor of being the editor of, as well as contribute to with two of my own stories.

There are no answers in this book... No solutions to your problems... No right road to follow. This book is meant to remind you of who you truly be: a continuous creation!

On this podcast, you get to hear six of the authors read their stories out loud. They also talk about what it was like to write something so personal and how they got to know each other in a whole new way by reading about each other's lives.

Key takeaways:

  • Being you is something you create

  • Storytelling with the authors

  • Are you going to a party?

  • Coloring outside the lines

  • Why don’t they get it?

  • No need to hide

  • Being you, changing the world



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