The Book That Didn’t Want To Stay in the Drawer

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This episode of Big Better Best Books is dedicated to all those darn books that are hiding in drawers somewhere, just waiting to be let out!

If you know of such a book, this episode is full of tips and inspiration for you to get started again. Today’s guest is Jan Bertoft, a Swedish author of the book Minnets slutna rum (eng. The Locked Room of the Memory). 

Jan has been writing his whole life and worked in journalism before starting a career in consumer issues for a Swedish NGO, but in his spare time, he began co-creating a fiction project with a friend. When his friend got ill, and he was no longer able to work on the book, it went into the drawer for several years before coming back out again.

Listen to hear this author’s journey to publication; what it was like to put ideas into words, co-write with someone, working with a publisher and finally let the book be born into the world.

Key takeaways:

  • Why did the book go into the drawer?

  • How one book led to another

  • Feedback from the publisher: having a good editor and receiving criticism

  • Creating the time to write

  • What it’s like co-creating a book

  • Choosing a publishing company

  • Advice for taking your book out of the drawer



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