The Children's Book For Adults (Too)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Do you have the superpower of awareness? My guest on today’s episode is Diva Diaz, a woman of many talents who has recently also become a children’s book author! Her first book is called Magia and the Feelings That Flew...Away and is about exactly that: our hidden superpowers.

In this beautifully rhymed book, we get to follow Magia on her walk to school one day. We learn about the difference between sensitivity and awareness, and what is possible when we acknowledge what is really going on...

For kids, especially the ones we call “sensitive,” this book could be a big contribution. And I guess that it most likely goes for adults as well! :-)

In the podcast, we also venture into a conversation about Diva’s works with Access Consciousness X-Men, which is about acknowledging what amazing abilities our so-called disabilities are.What if your greatest wrongness is actually your greatest strongness?

Key takeaways:

  • The traditional form of rhyming: a melodious journey

  • What’s the difference between sensitivity and awareness?

  • Getting back to the core of who we were before we learned to be scared, doubtful, or untrusting

  • There’s nothing wrong with any child, it’s about the capacity behind the behavior

  • A huge door is opening for children labeled with autism, ADHD, and other “disabilities”

  • Asking questions that empower your children

  • The next Magia book: what new adventures will she go on and what will she learn?



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