What The Bleep Is Fan Fiction?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Have you ever finished a book, a television show or movie and wished it could go on -- or at least end in a different way? I have! Many, many times... :-)

Well, according to my guests this week, this is one of the reasons that fan fiction began.

Today of the Big Better Best Books podcast is called WHAT THE BLEEP IS FAN FICTION? 

My two experts on the show are Emilia Foote Wallentin, 16 years old, and Ellen Santiago Pettersson, 15 years old. they are both from Stockholm and they have both read fan fiction for a long time. (And yes, one of them is my daughter.)

Joins us on the show to learn why millions of people enjoy this free public arena of never-ending stories.

Key takeaways

  • What is fan fiction exactly?

  • When writing RPF (real person fiction) authors must be careful

  • What’s so fun about writing fan fiction?

  • People often use fan fiction to write in representation they want to see, such as LGBT characters

  • Explaining the different terminology used in fan fiction



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