Writing For Happiness

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

What if being happy was just a choice? Even when you find yourself in the deepest , darkest trenches of life? My guest on the new episode of Big Better Best Books is the multi-talented, multi-tasking artist, Rüdrani Devi, who has written a book called “Choosing Happiness.”

Rüdrani is a survivor of the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 and in the book “Choosing Happiness” she uses that as one example of what is possible when we choose happiness to go beyond the expected and "normal" response to tragedy.

Join us to hear about a unique personal journey that shows us how to start choosing that magnificent force called happiness to create the life that we truly desire.

Key takeaways:

  • Why did she choose to write Choosing Happiness?

  • In the book, Rüdrani shares her journey of changing her perspective and choosing something different

  • The circumstances surrounding her other books, the Mumbai Massacre, and how the books chronicle her journey

  • Rüdrani highlights her favorite tools from Choosing Happiness

  • What is her writing process and how does she see her books as entities?

  • Her personal life and how it has been affected by her writing



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