Writing to Heal

How do you live beyond a tragedy? My guest today is Vladica Djordjevic, who shares her experiences and the process of writing her beautiful book “You are the Power: Choose to Create the Life You Desire."

The book tells the story of the devastating murder of her son and how this made her choose to live more fully than ever and become an inspiration for change for people all over the world. Listen to learn how Vladica found a different kind of empowerment than what is expected from a grieving parent and the ways in which writing the book was her healing process.

“You are the Power” is an invitation for everyone, not just those who have experienced tragedy, to wake up and to be present with their life and choices, whatever occurs.

Key takeaways:

  • Writing this book was a healing process for Vladica

  • What it means to be empowered to go beyond a tragedy

  • Being grateful is a practice

  • Tools for choosing to live after tragedy

  • Vladica wants to help others understand and use their powers and capacities to generate their lives in a totally different way



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